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This belt is the perfect addition to any dress, long or short, spring or fall!  The Ita Waist Belt was originally created for the designer's Grandmother who beat breast cancer and wanted to give her something to represent that triumph.  Receiving the name Ita from calling her grandma Abuelita, which translates to 'cute/small grandma' in spanish.  This belt pays homage to someone who is very dear to the designer, and has gained lots popularity for what it represents.


This belt is made to fit, using a fabric tape or string, please measure the natural waist (or where you plan to wear this belt- I sometimes wear it through my belt loops so use your "widest" point you would need it to fit to) being sure it is comfortable to breathe and sit, and provide the measurement in inches in the space below.  There is also lots of leather color and hardware options for a more custom feel !

Ita Leather Waist Belt

Hardware Options
  • Typical Width: 5/8"

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