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Why Nomadic Knots?

By choosing Nomadic Knots with your unique concept, you are working with founder, Alyssa Baker, who has 15 years of design and garment construction knowledge, and 9 years of leather crafting experience.  Having so many years to hone her design and leather crafting skills have enabled her to create anything from scratch (with the exception of shoes and saddles for tools/space purposes) to suit your individual needs !

Designs are thoroughly thought out in advance and heavily discussed with the client to ensure the exact versatility and functionality of the item is properly executed. When working out designs for the client, elements like fit, movement, and accessibility of the product come into play, as well as specific details about hardware, and leather options that would best suit the accessory at hand. 


Working with a designer who anticipates all of the necessary parts of building a custom item from scratch will yield you the most cherished, durable, useful accessory you’ve owned yet!

Custom Leather Orders...

Below is the step by step process into submitting a custom leather accessory request starting with setting up a consultation appointment with the designer.  Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the full process before beginning and Alyssa looks forward to working with you soon on your unique concept !

The Process of Submitting a Custom Leather Request

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Since this design process doesn’t happen in a matter of minutes and is utilizing expertise that has taken decades to acquire, a CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT of $20hr (non refundable) is REQUIRED to place a custom order OR to receive an estimate on a custom request.  It takes a lot of time and proficiency to ensure all of the details are discussed and correctly noted, and the full concept is properly understood by the designer to start the next step in the custom order process.  

—Note: The ONLY requested items excluded from needing a consultation appointment are readily made accessories that are normally stocked at a Nomadic Knots booth set up (belts, wallets, hotel style key fobs, harness pre-designed by NK, chokers, etc.) 

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Receiving Estimates

Only after this in-depth conversation occurs can the designer take the time to accurately price out the requested concept.  Within 24hrs of the consultation appointment, the client will receive an estimate for the custom accessory.  Estimates are NOT given before the consultation appointment as there are too many factors to take into consideration to simply give a quote haphazardly-no matter how “simple” the request.  Each request is treated with the upmost care and diligence, starting from initial design concept, down to the very last detail of the final product. 


& Production


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At this point in the process, the client will then receive a quote from the designer along with a Custom Request Contract to review and sign.  Once the contract is signed and received by the designer, half of the quote is owed upfront as a non-refundable deposit towards the requested item.

After the quote is paid, the designer then places your order in their production line up and gives you an approximate time of completion.  ALL CUSTOM REQUESTS COME WITH A MINIMUM 8 WEEK PRODUCTION TIMELINE with most being 10-12 weeks out.

—Note:  Not only does your order take time to create by hand, but the designer has additional custom orders, vendor events, shops to stock, and other components of running a business that take time as well.  Your patience and understanding of the designers production timeline is greatly appreciated and valued !

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Product Completion & Final Payment

The designer will reach out to the client when it gets close to the end of the estimated completion date to set up a pick up appointment or to discuss shipping details.  At time of shipping or pick up, the remaining half plus tax and any necessary shipping charges are due.  Payment options include cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, and Credit Card through Square app-if credit card is used there is a small .3% processing fee with each charge.

Note- Failure to communicate pick up/shipping of your final item within 30 days of the item being completed or refusal of final payment will resolve in the custom item being forfeited back to the designer. 

"...I recently purchased a custom belt bag and have barely removed it from my body since she delivered it."

by Bailey Bowerman from

Trending Northwest Magazine


A Note from the Designer...

The designer VALUES your trust and is grateful to work with clients who truly see the value in the accessories she’s creating.  Alyssa’s passion is to create quality, high end, handmade leather accessories that will last for generations.  Designing accessories that serve several useful purposes and have lots of versatility and functionality is the designer’s speciality.  One of a kind leather goods that server a purpose in your life and match with your personal style and needs.


Your understanding of the timeline of ordering a custom accessory is greatly appreciated.  The designer travels for vendor events around the PNW, stocks local handmade stores, and creates product drops for the site, as well as other necessary elements of owning a business!  Each custom order received is treated with the upmost care and created with loving hands.  


Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the custom order process and we hope to hear from you soon on your unique request ! 

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