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Custom Requests

Not finding the product you're most interested in?  This section is for you!   The designer loves taking on unique and exciting projects, and especially bringing your ideas to life!  With design school, and years of leather expertise, designer Alyssa Baker has made custom orders a specialty of Nomadic Knots.  We would love to hear what you're wanting made today ! 


... And ANYTHING can be made!  


The only limitations the designer has is shoes (a cobbler's machine/lots of shoe making tools would be needed) and saddles (again, more massive tools that the designer doesn't have space for...yet!). Other than those two items, the designer is more than happy to take on your request!  

Please watch the video for a brief intro to the Custom Request process (UPDATE: 8-10 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION TIME, NOT 4-6) and fill out the form below the video.  We ask that you be as specific as possible when filling out each section to ensure proper communication on what exactly you're wanting and an accurate quote can be generated based off this description. 


 Thank you and we look forward to receiving your custom order ! 

Custom Order Request Form

Please fill out the form below, once submitted the designer will get back to you within 48hrs about further details and a quote for your custom requested item!  


***UPDATE:Please allow 8-10 weeks for production time for your custom order.

Thank you for completing the first section to submitting a Custom Order with us !


Size Chart-02.jpg
Wallet Leather Options-02.jpg
Rivet Options-04.jpg
Thread Options-09.jpg
Tassle Leather Options-07.jpg
Tassle Leather Options-06.jpg

Contact Information

Thank you for taking the time to submit a custom request form! Please fill out this important contact form so the designer can get back to you in 48hrs time with further details and a quote for your custom item!

Thank you for completing the forms for submitting a Custom Order with Nomadic Knots!

(we will get back to you within 48hrs about further details and a quote for your custom item!)

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