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Nomadic Knots is a leather and macrame business that was created in 2020 with the vision for people to buy practical, innovative products, that serve a purpose, and last generations to come. 

The mission of the company is to create durable, valuable, one of a kind pieces, fulfilling everyday needs and inspiring others to buy quality, to buys less, and to support local small businesses.  



The logo chosen is meant to capture the essence of the company showcasing the two major elements used in the designs: leather and macrame. The anvil representing the structure, durability, and hardiness of leather. The knots representing macrame and its soft intricacy, yet strong texture it brings to each piece created. Nomadic Knots backs the quality behind every product by offering a lifetime warranty on every purchase made.  


Custom Leather Order Reviews

Michelle, ID

"I have asked Alyssa to make numerous custom pieces for me.  This lady is a talent without a doubt.  I appreciate her knowledge of the way the leather "moves" and "ages" over time, because with that knowledge she has been able to create pieces for me that will last.  She tailored that knowledge to my tastes and needs and created some beautiful products.  I will keep coming back as new needs pop up because professionalism and confidentiality combined with a skilled artist is hard to find."

Tristen, WA

"Alyssa thank you so much again!  My coworkers RAVED about how nice it is (custom leather camera harness) and sniffed it and was like "mmmmm yeah that's nice leather" 😂
I'm so glad I came to you for this and I will 10000000% recommend you to anyone needing leather things!
Your work is amazing.  You're amazing.  Thank you so much! 💗💗"

Jade, ID

"Alyssa was a delight from start to finish with my custom piece.  She was informative, patient with my lack of leather lingo, and on top of all of that provided beautiful work that I'll enjoy for a long time.  Thank you Nomadic Knots for being such a rad local business and good luck with future projects.  I can't wait to not only work with Alyssa again but also see what she creates."

Custom Orders

The easiest way to create your very own leather/macrame product!  The only limits are your imagination!  The designer loves getting new custom orders and bringing to life the creations YOU have in mind!  ANYTHING is possible!  Pieces you see on the site are customizable and new designs are created daily !

Click here to learn about placing a custom order and the details necessary to get an new custom order in production today !



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