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  • Can you make this in various/specific colors? (color not offered in custom requests section)
    Leather is offered in lots of different color options, but very few size options. Most all leather is sold in half hides and full hides (the full cow hide or cut down the spine for a half hide) which is not small, or cheap! If the project requested is big enough to take up the majority of the hide, then it is most definitly an option. If the project is smaller, color options for the project will be discussed and agreed upon and are offered in the Custom Requests section.
  • How much would it cost to make (various item) this product?
    Estimates are sent after 48hrs of custom order request and sent to customers preffered method of contact. At that point, customers can choose to agree to the estimate and pay half up front (via their preferred method) or decline the order completely.
  • Can you make (variuous item)?
    Anything with leather is possible! There are some products we have yet to explore making, and would love the opprotunity to make them. Please reach out via email, or the Custom Requests section about your requested item. Give a detailed descritption and inspirational photos for the best communication on what you are looking for.
  • Gun Holsters/Belts/Stock Pieces
    For a snug and proper fit for holsters and gun belt, the gun and bullets (sepperately, 6 is great) are required to be handed to the designer for ordering. No gun order will be processed until the gun and bullets are received. All guns must have all bullets removed and the chamber completely empty ensuring the gun is safe to work on. Once recieved, the owner will keep the gun for roughly 4-6 weeks and given back when the product(s) are completed.
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