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With 12 years of design knowledge and 6 years of leather crafting experience, Idaho designer Alyssa Baker strives to create valuable and durable pieces unique to you. 

When acquiring her Bachelors Degree of Fine Art Costume Design in 2014 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she learned how to work with different materials, mediums, and focuses within the art world.  In 2017 she shifted her design focus to the leather crafting world by working at Tandy Leather as a manager.  During which time she was given the opportunity to teach leather craft classes, forcing her to learn all of the different methods to working with leather.  The shutdown in 2020 brought on the final piece to the Nomadic Knots aesthetic by bringing out her creative interests and learning macrame.  Her mind exploded with thousands of design concepts including the two materials and all of the possibilities that she wanted to show the world.


Alyssa is now local to the Couer d'Alene area and loves connecting with the community, other local artists, and the lush nature that surround her.  Living in the PNW, she is constantly inspired by the lakes and lush green forest that envelopes her bringing its colors, rugged durable qualities, and texture to each design.  Alyssa has an undying passion for learning, creating, and expanding her art knowledge and will forever be her driving force in this world.  


"Live to Love" - XO Lyss     

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