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This newest custom leather fashion harness style is great for those that want to have the option to wear it just as a belt, and as a top body harness!


The main belt features a double buckle front for a slimming waist, and solid cast rings on the sides that chains can easily be clipped and draped from.  The top halter strap has snaps to affix it to the side rings for the full halter harness look!  


The back main belt strap is attached to the rings by "chicago screws" which can easily be unscrewed and adjusted to fit (this should only need to be adjusted one time for initial fit).  After that, the front buckle can be adjusted to fit and same for the top halter strap for ultra adjustability !


This style can be worn through belt loops on pants or directly under the bust-it's your harness, your style !


Other leather options and hardware color options avaibale  !



You will need to provide an accurate waist measurement using a fabric measuring tape.  

The designer also needs to know the MAX halter strap length, please measure this by wearing your lowest rise jeans and measure from inner hip/side waist, around neck to the other inner hip/side waist. 

After that the designer needs to know the SMALLEST halter strap length, please measure from the outer boob at the bra line (directly below the bust) around your neck to the other outer boob at the bra line.


*This will help the designer make the most accurate custom harness to fit your body specifically*


Photo Credits:

Model: Bailey Bowerman

Photographer: Prevail Bliss



Double Buckle Halter Top Harness

Leather Options
Hardware Options
  • Select sizes and color options are ready to ship in a moments notice!  Please feel free to order the size/color you are wanting and the designer can reach out to you if there is one readily available that meets your request!  If not, the designer will need 6-8 weeks for production time to complete the item.   

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