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This fun fashion accessory is not just for style-but for versatility and practicality!  This harness system is fully interchangeable and can be worn in several ways (photographed on mannequin) and can easily be worn through pant belt loops to keep your pants up better than suspenders.  All of the straps on the main belt slide easily slide in and out, or on and off, and can be completely taken off all together and the main belt could be used as just a belt!  


This harness design is not only useful, but is strong and built to last.  Made with raw, veg tan leather and hand dyed to desired color. Brass is typically the choice of metal (being that all hardware used in brass is cast and very strong) although, nickel is also a hardware color option.



This harness requires measurements of the person who is going to wear it as it is custom made to fit.  Measurements should be done by another person to be most accurate using a fabric tape, if that's not available, use a string (that isn’t too stretchy!) to wrap around the body and use another measuring tape to measure each measurement.


1. UNDER BUST: The measurement around your under-bust (your bra size)

2. WAIST: The measurement of your natural waist (typically your pant size) but be sure to measure around where most of your pants fit to so it can be worn through your belt loops

3. OVER SHOULDER:  Using the rise jeans that you wear most (wether its high rise, or low rise) measure on one side of the body from the top of the belt loop up to the shoulder and around directly to the top back waist of jeans.  Keeping the measuring tape straight this will determine how long the "suspender" straps need to be.  (it will have plenty of holes to be worn up higher, this is just for knowing the maximum length)


*NOTE: The new version of this harness has a split back piece on the strip of leather holding the ring to the main belt (the V area) so that it fits on either side of your center back pant belt loop, rather than having to be worn on either side of said belt loop.  


Styled Photos by: Brew City Flash

Model: Bailey Bowerman

Mannequin Photos by: Zekes Shutter


Fully Adjustable Top Body Harness

Leather Options
Hardware Options
  • This product is a custom orders piece that will take up to 8-10 weeks for completion.  Please allow the full production time for your order to be completed-especially around the holidays.

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